Supported Independent Living Marrickville

Tailored Support For Independent Living Near Marrickville

Are you on the lookout for supported independently living accommodation around Marrickville? Look no further because Mk Care Solutions has got you covered! SIL accommodation plays a crucial role in providing support and care for individuals with disabilities. It offers a safe and inclusive environment where residents can live independently while receiving the assistance they need.

When you choose Mk Care Solutions, get ready for some seriously amazing facilities, care plans tailored just for you, and a team of passionate professionals who want to make a positive difference in your life. 

Whether it’s assistance with daily activities or accessing community services, we strive to ensure that our residents have everything they need to thrive. So, go ahead and call us for an exceptional, supported independent living experience near Marrickville!

SIL Accommodation Near You

So, let us tell you what you can expect from us at MK Care Solutions for Supported Independent Living near Marrickville.

  • First off, we’re all about creating a safe and comfortable environment for individuals with disabilities.
  • Our accommodations are designed to promote independence while providing the necessary support services.
  • You’ll have access to well-maintained facilities, spacious living areas, and modern amenities.
  • Our friendly and trained staff will be there to assist you with daily tasks and ensure your needs are met.
  • Besides, we offer a range of recreational activities and social events to keep things fun!

Rest assured, we’ve got your back, providing the care and assistance you need to thrive on your own terms.

NDIS Assistance - Your Plan Management

We understand that people with disabilities face their own set of challenges, and we’re all about giving them the personalised support they need. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help!

Our experienced, qualified coordinators can help you navigate the complexities of the NDIS plan management process. From developing a budget to coordinating with service providers, we will work closely with you to ensure that your NDIS plan is effectively managed.

With our expertise and experience, we can help you maximise your plan’s funding and ensure that you have access to the right support services near Marrickville. We are committed to empowering individuals with disabilities to live independently and achieve their goals.

Let us assist you in supported independent living in Marrickville and other locations including Campbelltown, Lakemba, Dulwich Hill, Rockdale, and Cabramatta and make your NDIS journey smoother and more successful.


Why Come To Us?

Looking for a great SIL accommodation provider near you can be a real challenge, but hey, no need to stress! We’ve got you covered atMk Care Solutions.

Expert Team: Our expert team of carers is here to provide you with top-notch support and assistance.

24/7 Support: With us, you don’t have to stress about finding the right place or managing your daily needs alone. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that you have someone to rely on whenever you need them.

Medical Support: We understand the importance of medical healthcare, which is why we prioritise it. You can trust us to take care of your health needs and provide the necessary medical support.

Contact Mk Care Solutions and let us make your life easier with our dedicated team and comprehensive services. Give our staff a call, and enquire about supported independent living services around Marrickville, NSW.

Our mission is to provide person-centered supports to individuals in need of care, support, and comfort. Our aim is to redefine disability support and aged care all over Australia.

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